Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Since its inception, DTEL has been an entrepreneur aware of social responsibilities.

DTEL, which is active in the field of cold drawing and rolling of iron and steel wire, was established in 1970 in Istanbul and serves its customers in Turkey and abroad.

As an indicator of our sensitivity to the environment, our company has been responsible for the protection and maintenance of the afforestation area of Boğazköy forests since 2004. ARNAVUTKÖY UNIVERSITY project is continuing by our company by making a first in Arnavutköy, Istanbul.

In order to certify our values, which have become our company philosophy towards our employees and in line with our human sensitivity, with an internationally accepted certificate, a quality system is established and implemented according to ISO 9001: 2018 quality management standards. The implementation and development of the DTEL quality system and the elimination of any nonconformities are ensured by the dedication and efforts of all employees.

Ensuring the participation of employees within the scope of ISO 9001 increases the loyalty of the employees to the company and directly affects the productivity and success of the company. Ensuring that employees understand company values and philosophy will help us in the growth and management of the company.

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