As DEMİRCİOĞLU TEL, we have an understanding that aims to cooperate with our employees in the long term. Within the framework of this understanding, we are working with team members who are reliable, honest, prone to teamwork, open to development and change, can take initiative and use, adopt customer-oriented work, in accordance with our vision and mission, and who can join us with the same features. we are in the target of growth.

Working with a team spirit in the direction of the profitability of the company, like company owners, provides the widest opportunities for its personnel who want to gain expertise with a style that increases their personal self-confidence, motivates development and encourages learning.

Career planning is made as a result of performance measurements of our friends who have our working principles and values based on certain criteria.

You can send your CVs to for your job applications to our institution. Your applications are kept confidential in the human resources pool in order to be evaluated up to date.

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