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    Wire drawing process of hot-produced wire rod through rolling mills is called cold drawing. The purpose of the cold drawing process is to achieve improved durability, strength, flexibility and smooth outer surface.


    As a first step, surface cleaning is applied to remove the unwanted scale from the rolled wire rod surface. This process, which was previously made by using acid, is called sandblasting in recent years; high pressure steel granules are sprayed onto the rod surface. The clean wire rods are passed through the molds called “rolling mills” in appropriate size. Cold drawn materials coming out of the drawing process are passed through special cylindrical rollers and subjected to crushing process. Subsequently, the materials are taken into chamfering and length cutting processes.

    Cold drawing is generally applied to low carbon steels. In cold drawing, hot produced products (round, square; hexagon) are processed again. The process can be described simply as “compression”. Cold drawing technique is applied in demands of precision tolerance and high surface quality.


    • Hot rolled materials are brought to precise tolerances,
    • Improved surface quality compared to hot-rolled,
    • The hardness of the material, yield strength and tensile strength are increased,
    • Hardness increases, ductility decreases,
    • The desired hardness on the surface can be achieved without heat treatment,
    • EN 10139 standard is generally used in cold drawing process.


    Similarly, ’Wire Drawing‘ is the process of reducing a cross section of a wire with a thick cross section through a die. Wire sections are generally circular. However, square hexagonal sections can also be drawn. Bars with circular cross section are used in the production of elements such as studs. Wires are used in the production of smaller cross-section materials such as cables or springs. The raw material of the steel wires is wire rod.


    It is used in automotive and white goods industry, cooker, oven, toy, textile woven combs, PVC doors, window espagnolettes and lock fittings of bathroom accessories, cable sector, home textile sectors. In addition, the belt buckles used in the clothing industry, bag suitcase accessories, wedding dress underwires are among the main uses.

    soğuk çekme toleranslar

    Raw Material: Low Carbon Steel, High Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum

    Tolerances: Thickness – / + 0,05 mm

    Width – / + 0,07 mm

    soğuk çekme lama
    rulo tel


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