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    Kare Lama SQUARE from 1,50 x 1,50 mm to

    6,00 x 6,00 mm

     Lama LAMA from 2,00 x 8,00 mm to

    3,50 x 16,00 mm

    Yarım Yuvarlak Lama HALF ROUND from 1,00 x 2,00 mm to

    3,50 x 16,00 mm

     D Profil lama D PROFILE from 3,00 x 4,00 mm to

    5,00 x 6,00 mm

    Oval Lama OVAL from 1,50 x 3,00 mm to

    4,00 x 8,00 mm

    Material: Low carbon steel, High carbon steel, Stainless steel, Copper, Aluminum


    DTEL team specializes in Flat Steel, Special Profiles, Bright Bar and Bright coils, waiting to give you the best quality products and service.

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